Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Our Mission

We are a community that promotes and practices the values for a dignified and healthy life. We promote and provide love, happiness, peace, and building social justice, with our staff, clients, and collaborators.

Our Vision

That our Therapy Centre is an organized development, modern, and is managed in a transparent manner, respecting the rights of all. It has adequate space including green areas. Children, young people and parents are treated in an atmosphere of trust, affection and generosity. Our Staff continue to develop their skills to provide a quality service at all times. Our centre endeavours to have Strategic Partners that will enhance our development.

Our Therapy Centre/Day Centre


Our Therapy Centre comprises 320 sq. M, on a plot of 1500 sq. M held on
licence from the Ministry of Housing.


We provide, Occupational Therapy, Physio Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Classes in The art of Movement (Psycomotricidad) Psychology service, education, Education and Health Assistance to children and young people, and support for their


 110 children and young people with “Special Needs” and different abilities attend the Centre.


10 People from the Local Area employed.
What We Do

Helping families to help themselves

In 2008 we opened a Therapy Centre for children and young people, with all types of “Special Needs”. We began with 5 kids and a Physiotherapist. After a lot of expansion, and development the Centre now caters for over 100 children and young people with various types of Disabilities. We offer Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, A psychologist attends twice weekly, and we offer some training in Handcrafts to teenagers. Assistance with Social Integration is also part of our programme. We assist with the educational needs of some of the kids and provide medication where necessary. We provide Workshops for the parents and families of the Kids attending the Centre, to help them better understand their child’s disability, and thereby helping them to cope better with related problems. Our service is free to the poorest children in this very disadvantaged Township, however, some families do pay a nominal charge if they can afford it. The Centre was constructed and continues to be funded, solely by Donations from Family and Friends in...
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Our Objectives

The Principle Objective of Peru Children’s Charity is to help improve the lives of the less well-off children, and young people, with Disabilities in Las Lomas de Carabayllo,Lima, Peru.


Develop Training and Education programs that will lead to “Independent Living” for young people with Disabilities


Build and Operate a Therapy Centre/Day Centre for children and young people with “Special Needs”, to help them integrate more fully in the lives of their families and communities


Develop Programs that will help parents in caring for their Children with Disabilities


To raise funds to achieve these Objectives


Help the poorest families with the Medical needs of their children and young people with Disabilities

Our Needs

We are now in the process of building an extension of 150 M2, because of the growing number of children attending. We need the following spaces urgently:


Two Class Rooms, The next Phase of construction is to build 2 classrooms and toilets, so that we can begin formal education with children with more abilities, to prepare them for, Integration and Independent Living ..This project is estimated to cost 35,000 Euros


A store room


Sensory Room, We have recently completed the construction of a Sensory room, Now we urgently need donations to purchase equipment and fitting out the room, which will cost 2,000 Euros.

Our Stories

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We are always looking for Volunteers….

Would you like to volunteer your services?

The Only skill that is absolutely necessary is, that you have a genuine desire to care for Children and young people with “Special Needs” Those using the Centre range in age from 6 months to 20 years, with a variety of disabilities, both physical and intellectual. Presently about 110 kids attend on different days, usually for 3 afternoons per week..  The volunteer will help the kids and young people with, Painting, drawing, puzzles, reading, games, and assist with the staff on outings for them, usually to the beach, Zoo, Picnics, and parks. The volunteer may also from time to time assist a staff member in bringing the children to specialist appointments.    The charity is very flexible and if a volunteer feels they may also have something else to contribute that would be of benefit to the children or the families this also can be looked into.

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