PERU CHILDREN'S CHARITY - Helping families to help themselves, in Lima Peru

Our Therapy Centre/ day Centre

1. We have constructed and we now operate a Therapy Centre 180 M2, on a Plot of 1500 Sq.M. donated by the local Community.

2. We Provide Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Sign Language classes. Training in Handcrafts, Assistance with Education, Medical assistance to children, and young people

3. 50 - 60children and young people with “Special Needs” and different abilities attend the Centre

4. 6 People from the Local Area employed.

Our Needs:

1.- Additional space for Physiotherapy
2.- 2 class room
3.- Psychology service
4.- A store room
5.- A workshop for Young people
6.- A water therapy room.

Our Objectives

The Principle Objective of Peru Children's Charity is to help improve the lives of the less well-off children, and young people, with Disabilities in Las Lomas de Carabayllo,

1. Develop Programmes that will help parents in caring for their Children with Disabilities

2. Help the poorest families with the Medical needs of their children and young people with Disabilities

3. Develop Training and Education programs that will lead to "Independent Living" for young people with Disabilities

4. Build and Operate a Therapy Centre/Day Centre for children and young people with "Special Needs”, to help them integrate more fully in the lives of their families and communities.

5. To raise funds to achieve these Objectives


We are a community that promotes and practices the values for a dignified and healthy life. We promote and provide love, happiness, peace and building social justice, with our staff, clients, and collaborators.


That our Therapy Centre is an organized development, modern, and is managed in a transparent manner ​, respecting the rights of all. It has adequate space including green areas. Children, young people and parents are treated in an atmosphere of trust, affection and generosity. Our Staff continue to develop their skills to provide a quality service at all times. Our Centre has strategic partners which will enhance our development.

Winner of a 2012 Rotary International Award for contribution to the Community

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