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Visit to Peru Childrens Chairty therapy centre

Although my visit to Peru Childrens Charity therapy centre was short, this time was enough to witness the incredible difference that their work is making in the community alongside the endless kindness of the nurses and volunteers at the centre.

My day started with a drive in the mountains in rural Lima with the lovely Elsa. Once we arrived, Karina the director of the centre,  gave me a tour of the various different treatment and play rooms. What Michael and the PCC team have created is incredible. The centre is filled with bright colours, games, and just breathes happiness from the moment you enter the door, creating a safe space for the children who receive treatment there.

I was lucky enough to also accompany Karina on a house visit to Ricky, one of the children who attends the centre. Unfortunately, due to some conditions many of the children can not travel for treatment and in these cases, nurses of the centre carry out house visits, meaning no matter what, every child who needs help can get it from PCC. It was really fun meeting Ricky’s family who welcomed me into their home with big smiles and a hug.

I will never forget the stories I heard, photos I seen and especially the people I met during my visit to the therapy centre. The charity has changed childrens lives and created so much happiness in the community.

During my visit I seen that even a small amount can make such a vast difference to the childrens lives and if anybody was searching for a charity to help, PCC definitely puts donations to amazing use. Even better if you have the time, volunteering here will no doubt change your life! whatsapp-image-2020-01-23-at-4-31-33-pm-1 whatsapp-image-2020-01-23-at-4-31-33-pm

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