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Auveen’s Story from the Therapy Centre.

I arrived in the centre on the 17th May to help as a volunteer, having very little Spanish and experience of working with children and absolutely no experience of working with children with special needs. However all these doubts went out the window within moments of meeting the first children that arrived the very first day. These kids don’t mind one little bit if you have pigeon Spanish (in fact they enjoy it!) and its amazing what ideas you conjure up to get their minds going.
As a volunteer no day was typical as every child was different and had different needs. Because you are dealing with children with physical and intellectual disabilities you quickly learn each child’s abilities/limitations and adapt quickly (they will quickly tell you as well if they are not interested in something…ABBURRIDO!!). Activities included drawing and painting/crafts, jigsaws, building blocks, simple shape games, reading stories, ball games and of course music, they loved music whether it be playing an instrument or dancing!! These children here are often from very underprivileged backgrounds so there was nothing more rewarding than to see a big circle of children laughing and dancing. Working in this centre was by far the most rewarding thing I have done on my travels. You see the real lives of people, you meet the families of these children as they are very involved in the centre also and there is seriously nothing more rewarding than leaving work at the end of the day with kisses and hugs and shouts of Ciao Senorita Auveen!!! No matter how long or how little time you spend as a volunteer, the experience will stay with you for a long time.

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