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Helping families to help themselves

In 2008 we opened a Therapy Centre for children and young people, with all types of “Special Needs”. We began with 5 kids and a Physiotherapist. After a lot of expansion, and development the Centre now caters for 50 to 60 children and young people with various types of Disabilities. We offer Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, A psychologist attends twice weekly, and we offer some training in Handcrafts to teenagers. Assistance with Social Integration is also part of our programme. We assist with the educational needs of some of the kids, and provide medication where necessary. We provide Workshops for the parents and families of the Kids attending the Centre, to help them better understand their child’s disability, and thereby helping them to cope better with related problems. Our Service is completely FREE to the families in this very poor Township. The Centre was constructed and continues to be funded, solely by Donations from Family and Friends in Ireland & Peru.
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