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Lorraine and Shane’s Story

Shane and I found out about Peru Children’s Charity through Michael Murphy before we left Ireland for South America. At the time I was very interested in speaking to Michael about Peru Children’s Charity and possibly filming some footage in Peru to raise awareness of the charity. We arrived in Peru in January 2019 and made our way out to Los Lomas. We have arranged to stay with a local family in the area and Karina and Franziska met us on our arrival. We stayed in Los Lomas for almost four weeks and volunteered in the charity while we were there. The whole time we were there Michael was also constantly checking up to make sure that we were OK and being looked after!
Everyone in the charity was extremely friendly and kind to us, despite the fact that we sometimes struggled with our spanish! The therapists are a really lovely group of people and they made us feel very welcome. It was extremely obvious how much they cared about the children and how much they wanted to help them. Karina, Franziska, Lourdes and their team work tirelessly to ensure that the children in the centre, and their parents have the support that they need – even regularly visiting the houses of children who can’t get to the centre.
Our host family couldn’t have been more accommodating. They allowed us to stay in their house for the whole time we were there, fed us well, went out of their way to help us with our spanish, and did their best to make us feel part of their community – even setting up a local football game just for us (where we demonstrated Irish football very beautifully) and introducing us to Pervuvian dance moves!
It was a real eye opener to see the conditions that some people are living in, in Los Lomas, but it was amazing to see the work that the charity is doing with the little resources it has. It’s very obvious how much the charity means to everyone in the community, and it was wonderful to be a part of that, even for a short time.
It’s a great feeling volunteering in a charity that really does help people, and is genuinely making a difference to the community around them.


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