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Mission Imperuvable TY Class

St Columbas Comprehensive, Glenties, Co Donegal.

Who are we?

We are the transition year class of Glenties Comprehensive school. We have decided to focus on Los Lomas in Peru for our Young Social Innovators class. Our plan is to raise awareness of the poverty in Los Lomas and to help raise some funds for the people. Peru Children’s Charity has recently provided a safe running water line from the surrounding mountains to the centre of the village in Los Lomas. We would like to focus on this need for our project.
Los Lomas has limited or no access to a water supply and the people living there receive water from a tanker lorry which they pay a great percentage of their weekly wages to buy. We hope to improve the quality of life for these people by contributing towards the construction of a water line which costs around €20,000. We have been doing this by staged fundraisers locally but now we hope to cast our nets further ashore and bring in a wider community as well as promoting the need for change in this area. Examples of fundraisers we have held to date are: Trick or Treat event at Halloween, sale in the community centre and on New Year’s Day we organised a swim to raise money for this very worthy cause.


In the town of Las Lomas:

  1. People live in shacks made of plastic and pallets.
  2. Water for them cost €1, which is a huge amount of their weekly wage.
  3. Rural poverty is extreme; people living in urban areas are likely to earn 30 times as much as rural farmers.
  4. They can expect to live about 20 years longer than rural people.
  5. Most people in Los Lomas earn below a euro a day. Taking into consideration that water costs €1 per week this is extreme poverty.
  6. Normally if someone looks for work in the city it would take them 100 hours to make €25.

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