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Who can apply to the program?

The Only skill that is absolutely necessary is, that you have a genuine desire to care for Children and young people with “Special Needs” Those using the Centre range in age from 6 months to 20 years, with a variety of disabilities, both physical and intellectual. Presently about 65 kids attend on different days, usually for 3 afternoons per week. They usually remain in the centre for the afternoon as their living conditions at home are usually miserable as the majority live in huts made from Bamboo weave and plastic. Others live in little house made with adobe bricks. The volunteer will help the kids and young people with, Painting, drawing, puzzles, reading, games, and assist with the staff on outings for them, usually to the beach, Zoo, Picnics, and parks. The volunteer may also from time to time assist a staff member in bringing the children to specialist appointments.    The charity is very flexible and if a volunteer feels they may also have something else to contribute that would be of benefit to the children or the families this also can be looked into.


Healthcare professionals are especially welcome

To date Peru Children’s Charity have had over 30 volunteers in the therapy centre and the children are very open to welcoming new faces if it will enhance their quality of life. We provide mainly occupational Therapy and a small amount of Physiotherapy, A Speech Therapist attends twice weekly. We also take the kids for specialised Therapy in other centre magna, vel.

The Minimum period for a Volunteer is 2 weeks; there is no Maximum period..!


Where we are located

The Therapy Centre is Located in Las Lomas de Carabayllo, a shanty town in the North of Lima, about 15 miles from the City Centre. The area has a population of about 50,000 and is poorly serviced, no running water or sewerage. Part of the area has electricity. The houses are mainly constructed of mud bricks with plastic or galvanised roofs. Some are just huts built of plastic and bamboo weave sheets. A small number of houses are built with Concrete and bricks.

Where you can stay:
There are some small shops serving the area and a recently constructed Health Centre. There is a Thriving town, Puente Piedra about 5 miles from Las Lomas with a shopping Centre and other modern facilities. Accommodation can be arranger in a good Hostel with en suite room for less than €4.50 per day, Transport cost to and from the centre is €0.50 per day. Food costs can be as little as €4 per day. The population generally are very appreciative of the work being undertaken by Peru Children’s Charity. It is a very friendly area to work, and the Locals really appreciate the Charity’s ethos of working in Partnership

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Usually people who come to volunteer stay much longer then they had originally planned: Ruth came for a week and stayed 3 months; Suad and Leyla came for 2 weeks and stayed for 5 week; Auveen came for 2 weeks and stayed 3 weeks.

Michael Murphy, Management Committee